Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Day After Day

Expert: “The West should strengthen sanctions against Russia because of its gross contempt for international law”

Topic of the Day

MP: “Two months of preparation are not enough to provide the appropriate training for a law-enforcement officer and to prepare them morally and psychologically”


Mykyta POTURAIEV: “Inviting Kevin Spacey is, as they put it, worse than a crime on the part of YES organizers. It’s a mistake”
Ihor ROMANENKO: “If the signed framework agreement is really carried out, this will be an important precedent of troop withdrawal along the entire line of confrontation”
Ukrainian Paralympians have come back home. They all dedicated their Rio victories to ATO soldiers


The first buyers describe Den’s Chest of Treasures
On October 1 through 9, the capital will host the most prestigious event in the country – Kyiv Music Fest
The Day has had a conversation with an artist Borys Firtsak on theater, color, vinyl records, and how to shock people without shocking them


Expert: “We have reached a crucial juncture which will either make his presidency a success or become the beginning of his end as a politician”

Time Out

Brazilian Joao Maia is the first visually impaired photographer accredited to cover the Rio Paralympics


Explorers discover 65 bird species in a unique location in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. Now they are improving the living conditions for them

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