Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№29, (2003)

10/07/2003 - 00:00

What Did They Fight for?

Metalurh (Donetsk) 1, Parma (Italy) 1; Dynamo (Bucharest, Rumania) 2, Shakhtar (Donetsk) 0; Hamburg (Germany) 2, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) 1. By our standards, Ukrainian participants in the UEFA Cup...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Irene Gallery hosts Tetiana Kusailo’ s personal exhibition

This female artist was born in Lviv and studied in Odesa and Kharkiv; taught in Poltava, then moved to Kyiv. She has had several personal exhibitions, but Kyiv sees her graphic works — pastels and...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Currency in Circulation, or Investors at Sixes and Sevens

Ukraine is again friends with the International Monetary Fund. A special IMF mission worked in Ukraine all the last week, and mission head Emanuel van der Mensbrugge appeared quite optimistic on...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Civilian firms to provide logistical support

Throughout 2004, Ukraine’s Armed Forces and other military formations will participate in an experiment whereby military units will be provided with foodstuffs and fuel by small and medium businesses...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

New Start for Great Silk Road

A legendary trade route of the ancient world, the Great Silk Road, emerged at the dawn of the Christian era and was destined to go into the history books. It linked China with Europe, the Middle East...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Ukrainian programmers intend to export products, not brains

Ukrainian software producers are going to make their voice heard in the international arena. This will be done in the US which plans a traveling show of Ukrainian high-tech companies in November. The...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Mstyslav the Brave and the Golden Age of Chernihiv

For centuries, Chernihiv, the chief town of the Siveriane Slavic tribe and the largest historical center of Northern Left Bank Ukraine, was capital of a state or a major territorial and...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Pipeline Reversal: Bait for the Naive

On October 3, advocates of Ukraine’s European integration got an unwelcome present on the eve of the Ukraine-EU summit in Yalta. The Ukrtransnafta Company Board approved the decision to accept the...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Or an episode in the life of entrepreneurs with special needs

I have never seen policemen carry people around except in the line of duty. Meanwhile, they always make an exception for one Mr. Hrybalsky, the wheelchair repairman. When he drives up to the Oblast...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

The US and Ukraine address problem of solid rocket fuel disposal

The US has made a political decision to withdraw from the solid propellant disposition project at the Pavlohrad Chemical Plant, where fuel is being removed from RS-22 intercontinental ballistic...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Ranks of Web Users and Internet Traffic Grow

Ukraine has recently seen a substantial increase in the number of Internet surfers. As suggested by data from a poll conducted by GfKUSM company, 6.4% of the population or 3.1 million Ukrainians...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Benefit for Ukrainian Turandot

On Saturday, September 27, the National Opera celebrated prima donna Lydia Zabiliasta’s fiftieth birthday as she sang the title part in Puccini’s Turandot. Eduard Sribnytsky was her partner as...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

Liberal Imperialism

One of the great joys of contemporary journalism is the ability to exchange views with readers. In this case, the concerns voiced by our reader, Oleksandr Striletsky, about the reversal of which way...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

I’ve never acted like a prima donna

The National Opera plans several premieres this season, including Shostakovich’s Katerina Izmailova and Verdi’s Don Carlos. Both are very important in Svitlana Dobronravova’s career; her parts as...
10/07/2003 - 00:00

To Slay the Dragon

The Day’s round table has hosted Oleksandr LYTVYNENKO, Deputy Director, National Institute for Strategic Studies; Serhiy MAKSYMENKO, Director, East-West Institute, and Iryna ROZHKOVA, Head of the...


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