Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№58, (2012)

04.10.2012 - 00:00

Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s diaries

Recently a presentation of the book Oleksandr Dovzhenko. Notes from the diary. 1939-1956 (published by Kharkiv publishing house “Folio”) took place at the Central State Archive of...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Ostroh Academy marks its majority

The Ostroh Academy boasts such names among its graduates as Zaporizhian Hetman Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny, first rector of the Kyiv Brotherhood School Iov Boretsky, Lavra archimandrite Yelisei...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Letters to Ukraine – 20

What words best describe us? It’s certainly tempting to define ourselves through a handful of common adjectives and nouns. We hope to be happy, successful, famous, popular; we want to have...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Erdogan’s presidential start

On September 30 the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the head of the Justice and Development party for the third time. It happened in Ankara at the 4th congress of the pro-Islamic...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater is Donbass Opera now

The Donetsk Anatolii Solovianenko Opera and Ballet Theater is from now on Donbass Opera with a logo that depicts a pearl-shaped chandelier. Last Thursday the “coalmining capital” saw...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

A moonlit palace

The Khan’s Palace was enveloped in darkness, folk music started to play, and the evening guests of the ancient capital of the Crimean Khanate, Bakhchysarai, were waiting motionlessly. A gate...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Terra Futura conquers museum space

Festival of contemporary art Terra Futura, which is held in Kherson, is rightfully considered to be one of the most interesting cultural events in the region. It is the 11th time that Totem Center...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

This day in history

1875: Chernivtsi University starts functioning. 1941: Soviet forces retreat from Zaporizhia after pitched battles with the Wehrmacht. 1947: The Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks)...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Inviting to a conversation

The popular science book called Serhii Krymsky: Life-Long Talks. Cycle of Interviews by Tetiana Chaika (Kyiv, Publiching House of Dmytro Buraho, 2012) was presented in the House of Actor. The...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Homage paid to Babyn Yar in Kyiv

The 71st anniversary of the Babyn Yar Massacre (when thousands of civilians, mostly Jews, were shot down that ravine in Nazi-occupied Kyiv) attracted some 200 individuals, among them Jews and...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Walking through the maze

The time, when the Soviet official establishment refused to acknowledge his achievements, is now history. Today, the composer is often labeled a “living classic,” although such a...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

The feast of concrete walls

In a sense, this happened because of the problems with finding a suitable platform. Mystetsky Arsenal, which used to host the festival, refused to do that a few years ago, thus placing the...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Local achievement

The draft law on slander has been eventually canceled. A total of 349 MPs pressed the “for” button. At least, this is what the screen showed. By the way, votes counting more than 300...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Will Donetsk switch to bikes?

Many Ukrainians who live in cities have thought about the ways to develop the use of bicycle transportation in Ukraine. After all, the “green” means of transport could solve many...
04.10.2012 - 00:00

Roman KABACHII: “Wars and deportations destroyed the borderland culture”

Warsaw publishing house Tyrsa, affiliated with the Union of Ukrainians in Poland, has recently published study Expelled to the Steppes: The Ukrainian Relocation from Poland to Southern Ukraine,...


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