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Henry M. Robert

Some dreams come true

11 February, 2014 - 12:12

Vita Semerenko (Ukraine) placed third in the 7.5 km sprint biathlon race in Sochi, clocking 21 min. 28 sec. The sprint was won by the Slovakian athlete, Anastasia Kuzmina. Olga Vilukhina (Russia) placed second.  noc-ukr.org quotes Vita as saying that “I’ve dreamed of wining an Olympic medal all my life. I’m happy to have this bronze medal. In fact, I believed that I was among the winners only after I watched the last one finish the race.”

President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee greeted the Ukrainian national team in conjunction with the Day of Ukraine in Sochi and said that Ukraine is famous for its sporting traditions and a large number of Olympic champions and prize-winners. He added that he was very pleased with the national team’s award, and that Ukraine was playing an important part in the world game of sports. Our biathletes are in for a number of races, so we can only keep fingers crossed.