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Henry M. Robert

Christmas abstractions by Volodymyr Filippov

Sevastopol Kroshytsky Art Museum is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the Kyivan master
15 January, 2014 - 17:16
Photo from the website NEWS.SEVAS.UA

Volodymyr Filippov was born and raised in Sevastopol, and now lives in Kyiv. The exhibition comprises his works created between 1987 and 2014. All works are united by the theme of love and death, and permeated with the spirit of Christmas. According to the artist, this single exhibition combines his three very different approaches to the art. In the early period, he obviously attempted to identify the prototype through abstract reasoning, but these pieces still retained some figurative allusions.

His late 1990s paintings are typically spontaneous expressions of the Ukrainian neo-Baroque spirit. These works show the primeval chaos, full of unmaterialized yet ideas and objects. Filippov’s recent paintings feature masterly restraint. Christmas is a happy holiday of hope for salvation, and one’s personal choice is all that is needed to enter the fold.

By Kateryna IVKOVA, Sevastopol