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“I don’t believe it is a fake country”

Summer School of Journalism students meet UN representatives in Ukraine
5 August, 2014 - 11:22
Photo by Vlada SOLOVIOVA

Traditionally, guests visit the newspaper Den’s editorial office to meet summer school students. But a few days ago the would-be journalists heard an away lecture for the first time – United Nations representatives told them about the particularities and programs of human and national development.

The school students were received by Yevhen ZELENKO, spokesman for the UN Development Program in Ukraine. He immediately welcomed Den’s initiative to give Ukrainian youth a chance to grow intellectually, told about the objective of the meeting, and promised that the UN representation would continue to cooperate with the newspaper staff in this program. “For us, it is a very interesting initiative. The UN mission supports it. We hope to further develop it. Today, we will be telling you about the Millennium Development Goals. Why do we consider it the most important topic? Because we think these goals are decisive and the whole world is now moving in these directions,” he said.

Natalia SYTNIKOVA, a Millennium Development Goals project expert, presented and explained the program. The program was adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2000. It outlined the problems to be solved by 2015 and the promising directions of the development of the global economy and social sphere. “We do need reforms. I hope that, although we are going to see a certain economic slump now, our country will be developing. And reforms are what Ukraine must go through. I don’t believe it is a fake country. I can’t possibly believe this, for I am Ukrainian. But, to tell the truth, the factor that is pulling us down and keeps us from achieving the development level of other countries is life expectancy. Something should be done to solve this problem.”


Viktoria BOBROVA, National Ivan Franko University, Lviv:

“It was interesting to hear about the initiatives which representatives of this organization are launching in this country – from improving the environment to reducing infant mortality. I like it that this organization tackles the problems that are particularly pressing for Ukraine. By frequently analyzing each of these problems, they are drawing up and implementing the plan of improving the quality of people’s life. In my view, it is very important that the UN is open to cooperation with new, especially young, people.”

Volodymyr NYZHNIAK, National Ivan Franko University, Lviv:

“The enormous world-view potential, which our society has accumulated in the past year, must prompt every Ukrainian to help make qualitative changes, first of all, in public health, wellness, and high-level education. Instead, among the post-Soviet countries, Ukraine is lagging behind as far as the human development   index is concerned – even the neighboring Belarus is ahead of us in the most important indices. It is important that the entire staff of the UN Office in Ukraine is constructive-minded and convinced that a radiant future awaits us. It is time for individuals and the state to work hard, and we must come to the right conclusions.”

By Vlada SOLOVIOVA, Mykhailo DRAPAK, Den’s Summer School of Journalism