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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

The pause is dangerous!

26 November, 2013 - 12:23

The precedent of pausing already exists. Europe paused when it was deciding Slovakia. Then Vladimir Meciar was the president of the country. Generally speaking, Europe did not have trust in him. It was afraid that Slovakia would return to Russia since the latter was actively buying gas pipelines there.

…Before voting I was in the same mood as before the match of our national team in Paris. When the vote on the law concerning Tymoshenko was failed I posted on Den’s profile on Facebook that it was “the first goal to Piatov…”

“Tymoshenko issue” is far from being unambiguous. When it all started we wrote: it is a huge trap constructed for Yanukovych and by Yanukovych.

That is why we can say that the Party of Regions is facing some invincible obstacles and they cannot vote for it… When they started sabotaging the law on the public prosecution and other brought by Yanukovych, it looked like they scored an own goal. The question is that to some extent it was a goal to us as well. So, this situation is very complicated.

Russia is now spreading the information about the creation of a new party. The Russian Facebook community is already writing about it. The party is called ‘Nashe Otechestvo’ [Our Motherland. – Ed.]. It is making the following statements: “The party ‘Our Motherland’ is going to fight for the independence of certain Ukrainian regions by holding a referendum among the inhabitants of these regions on uniting them into the state called Central Russia with Russian as the main national language. The new state will be offered a political and customs union with Russia…”

In this context it was difficult not to notice Petro Symonenko jumping with every European episode in the parliament and reminding about “a million signatures for the referendum.” The pause in the Ukrainian issue is very dangerous. We are not alone in the world. “Saber-toothed tigers” are waiting for our minor mistakes.

It brings troublesome thoughts that something happened in the conversation that happened in some unknown place that nobody knows about. That “something” is of a great importance not only for the future of Ukraine, but for the whole Europe. Ukraine is not Slovakia. We are much closer to the epicenter.

…When I was in Japan, I was stricken with the inscription on the monument to the victims of the tragedy in Hiroshima. There are no accusations of the Americans. Only the words: “Rest in peace. We will not repeat our mistakes.” The voting coincided with the Commemoration Days of Holodomor victims. It has been 80 years since then. But even at Yushchenko time very few spoke about politicians’ responsibility. Holodomor happened in 1932-33 but it was preconditioned by the events of 1918. When the attempt to restore the sovereignty of our Ukraine was lost.

By Larysa IVSHYNA, The Day