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Konstantin Kondakov Sets up Charity Foundation

25 March, 2015 - 10:34

In 2005, the now famous IT entrepreneur Konstantin Kondakov established a charity foundation in his small hometown of Melitopol. As a result of effective work the charity gained international status in 2012 and, consequently, the head office was moved to the Ukrainian capital – Kyiv. This year represented a turning point for Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation: a website was launched, a new operating concept was adopted and significant investments were attracted, which made it possible to implement large-scale projects.

The Charity’s mission is truly global – motivate every earth inhabitant to do good deeds. The Charity’s motto reads: “With love in your heart we build a new world!”

According to the foundation’s management, it is possible to change the future for the better, but only if we perform good deeds. Just imagine how the world would change if every single one of us did one good thing a week.

All of the charity’s efforts were focused on unlocking the creative potential of Ukrainians, raising their spiritual level and developing the national economy.

Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation sees it as its mission to develop culture, science and technology, raise the bar for financial and computer literacy, popularize sports, healthy lifestyles, and positive thinking, provide for the least socially protected population stratum – children from orphanages, children’s homes, as well as senior citizens.

In 2014, the Charity changed its name to the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation, further focusing its efforts on positive global transformations. That very same year the Foundation attracted and used six million hryvnias on charity work, including targeted aid for 179 Ukrainian families.

Today, the Foundation has evolved onto the international arena and has held a number of events far away from Ukraine.

What is important and valuable is that such businesspersons as Konstantin Kondakov are engaged in activities that are necessary for today’s realities, engrossing the thought of improving our civilization’s present and future. The Charity’s love of life, good-natured and positive attitude inspire others to do good deeds, thus justifying its name.