Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№11, (2015)

19.02.2015 - 11:17

We have avoided another disaster… But lessons are still not learned

The official reasons for the withdrawal are the shelling of the city by the militants and the OSCE mission being unable to visit it. The withdrawal of troops began at 6 a.m. on February 18. This is...
19.02.2015 - 11:15

Putin’s ambitions in Ukraine do not end at Debaltseve

The Day asked American Council member, former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst to state his opinion on whether the appointment of the new head of the Pentagon means that Ukraine may expect a...
19.02.2015 - 11:13

Ironically, Ukraine has eliminated Russia in Russia itself!

My claim refers to what I see sitting in front of a TV screen and watching another Russian talk-show. While surfing channels, I see Solovyov, Kiselev, Nikonov, Norkin... accompanied already by some...
19.02.2015 - 11:12

“Bargaining will not start soon, they will not let Nadia Savchenko go just so”

A march in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko will be held in Moscow on March 1, member of her legal team Mark Feigin tweeted. “As part of the Spring Anti-Crisis March, to be held in...
19.02.2015 - 11:11

Germany presented 50 mine detectors to Ukraine

Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Christoph Weil presented 50 mine detectors to the head of the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine Serhii Bochkovsky. According to a press release obtained by The...
19.02.2015 - 11:02

Dr. James Mace: message addressing current realities

Leafing through Western periodicals these days, one is reminded of Dr. James Mace’s article entitled “The Tale of Two Journalists” (June 2003) about how the media in the West...
18.02.2015 - 18:22

Russia Study Center being formed in Ukraine

Edward Lucas concludes in his book The New Cold War that the West was wrong when it assumed that the confrontation with Russia was over. On the contrary, after the Soviet Union’s collapse...
18.02.2015 - 18:19

How do Poles see the Ukrainian-Russian war?

Poland, which once paid a high price itself for Europe failing to deal with the Russian threat in time, is now perfectly aware of what is happening in Ukraine and how it all can end, Ambassador of...
18.02.2015 - 18:17

Mikheil Saakashvili’s new appointment will not cause a rift between Ukraine and Georgia

Appointment of former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili as an advisor to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko caused a mixed reaction in Tbilisi. Even though current head of the Georgian state...
18.02.2015 - 18:14

Copenhagen attack: side effects

Islamic radicals appear to be showing an increasing degree of intolerance of the freedom of expression and of the “infidels” in Europe, as evidenced by the Saturday attack in Copenhagen...
18.02.2015 - 18:09

“The wall of silence” shatters, but does not fall

It became known recently that Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin created a committee of inquiry and a committee of prosecutors, and restored the pre-trial investigation of the criminal...
18.02.2015 - 18:08

The second test for “moral authorities”

The office of deputy prosecutor general will be used as a springboard for David Sakvarelidze’s appointment to directorship of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). At least,...
18.02.2015 - 18:07

Ukraine has climbed 16 positions in the most innovative countries’ ranking

Ukraine has made an unexpected leap in Bloomberg’s annual global index of Top 50 most innovative countries. Over the past year our country improved its position from 49th to 33rd,...
18.02.2015 - 18:02

Agenda which is still topical

A year ago the sporadic tragedies in Kyiv streets gave way to a catastrophe. In the middle of the day people started to be massively shot in the center of the capital, a situation which previously...
18.02.2015 - 18:00

Poems from the war

They say about the writer, deputy commander of the volunteer battalion OUN Borys Humeniuk that he has “run over the entire Ukrainian literature with his tank.” His Poems from the war is a...


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