Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


The Day: №30, (2018)

The Kyiv Museum of Hetmanship hosts an exhibit dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian
The new issue of Route No. 1 is about a 1,030-year-old city in Volyn
Oleh RYBACHUK, member of New Leaders’ supervisory board, on civil society and the factor of oligarchs
Cossacks and state-builders: a breakthrough into the future
Expert: “Dmitry Kozak is more likely to be shown the door, but Grigory Yavlinsky is a vague prospect”
What did Peter Altmaier, the German economy minister, bring to Kyiv and Moscow?
Experts discussed the first results and challenges in the implementation of the Association Agreement
Artist Lesia KVYK: “My dream is to see a museum of Lviv history appearing in the city”
115 participants from various cities of Ukraine presented a large-scale project at the Central House of the Artist

The Day:

What threat does US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal pose?

The Day: №29, (2018)

Expert: “Ukraine has a lot to offer to Europe”
The 13th Den’s Days will begin in Volyn on Friday, May 18
Adrian KARATNYCKY: “The statement about the existence of supposedly Nazi tendencies in Ukraine is absurd”
Den roundtable participants speak of a demand for the alternative and of false “beacons”
Cossacks and state-builders: a breakthrough into the future
Photographer from Chile Nicolas Val creates projects about a frontline city in the Donbas
Project “Far and Nearby” at Triptych Art Gallery

The Day: №28, (2018)

Protest leader Nikol Pashinyan has failed to get elected prime minister. The second attempt is scheduled for May 8. What is next?
The NATO Night dramatized tour was held lately
Experts discuss the letter of 56 US congress members calling on the Department of State to get the US to assume a leadership position in combating the rise of anti-Semitism in Ukraine
Den’s Days in the city on the Southern Buh have only just ended, but citizens of Vinnytsia are already hoping for another meeting
Cossacks and state-builders: a breakthrough into the future
The 71st Cannes Film Festival will start on May 8
Half a century ago Paris saw the events that went down in history as “Red May”