Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


The Day: №29, (2017)

Expert: “Belarus conducts thorough scientific research in overcoming the disaster’s consequences”
The musical project “Righteous Soul” will be dedicated to Hero of Ukraine Vasyl Slipak
This newspaper’s photo exhibit on its 12th trip to Lutsk
This year Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was to have left the Ukrainian Sevastopol. What triggered the scenario of occupation?
A reminder of the fact is the exhibit dedicated to the two-year-long career of the Volunteer Battalion OUN
Why a conflict has arisen between the president of the European Council and the Polish authorities
Agramunt, “an open friend of Russians,” might give up his post on Friday
The future of the exclusion zone: options
Stasis, a full-length feature film by Mantas Kvedaravicius is being shot in Kyiv
Nahuievychi are in raptures over the sowing of “Franko’s seeds” in Mariupol
Impressions from the new exhibit of Ukrainian naive art at the Mystetskyi Arsenal
Viacheslav Breish presents his new works at the Chocolate House

The Day: №28, (2017)

An independent candidate who is a strong supporter of EU sanctions against Russia advances to the second round of France’s presidential election
Expert: “There are serious doubts about the feasibility of a UN peacekeeping force being stationed in Donbas. Ukraine by itself must reach the level of military capacity necessary to establish order in the country”
How is Ukraine’s legal offensive going?
The Day tried to find out what is really going on with the Diplomatic Academy
24 Mariupol libraries received “Easter Baskets” with Den’s Library books
The Day discussed with the editor-in-chief of Ukrainian People Magazine peculiar features of one of the largest media outlets serving our diaspora in America
How plants and animals develop near the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant
On Oleksandr Dubovyk’s stained-glass windows
Lviv shows sacral art experiments
Kyiv to show the oeuvre of the Didyk-Voitovych family

The Day: №27, (2017)

Vinnytsia volunteers presented Dalia Grybauskaite with a Ukrainian-Lithuanian flag that bears autographs of ATO soldiers
How will the constitutional referendum results influence Kyiv-Ankara relations and Turkey itself?