Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


The Day: №46, (2018)

Expert: “Ukraine needs a juridical and moral assessment of criminal actions, including the Gongadze-Podolsky case, as an antidote against Kuchmism”
Do our children need the war victim status?
Leading oncologists from Italy, Georgia, and Ukraine performed four operations in Vinnytsia to reconstruct the mammary gland
An untypical interview with journalist Pavlo Kazarin about Simferopol and Crimea
Almost 42 percent Ukrainian respondents say NATO membership is the best guarantee of national security, but old myths die hard...
Den’s Photo Contest participant Daria DUNET on children’s emotions in front of camera and regeneration of Mariupol
Civic activists prepared a report on violations of war victims’ civil and political rights for UN
Mykhailo HONCHAR discusses key statements and signals from the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj
Military intelligence in Ukraine should prioritize new forms and methods of combat operations and appropriate training
The main problem of Putin and his information aides is that they are trying to tackle 21st-century problems with 19th-to-mid-20th-century methods
These past 22 years have been like a page-turning thriller, an intellectual marathon
Enlightenment, the Editors’ watchword, along with comments by regular subscribers, Summer School of Journalism graduates, contributors, and Editor-in-Chief
Kultura in Motion’s impact on communities in Ukraine, Tanzania, and elsewhere
How did the Ukrainian Fashion Week hold its spring-summer season of 2019, dedicated to “sustainable consumption”?

The Day: №45, (2018)

Patriarch Bartholomew: “The Mother Church did not concede its canonical rights over Ukraine and has now assumed the initiative of resolving the Ukrainian issue”
Yurii Kostiuchenko explains how education will help us survive in an environment of growing threats
What do Russia’s biggest military exercises in almost 40 years mean and what lessons should Ukraine learn from this?
На Львівщині стартували масштабні міжнародні військові навчання
Russia-occupied Donetsk swept under a tidal wave of FSB raids and police brutality after the assassination of DNR leader Alexander Zakharchenko
Iryna Loiuk, head of the civic organization Prostir mozhlyvostei shares her view on the matter
Photographer Anton Shebetko’s new project about LGBT in the army
Green innovations tested at TeslaCamp in Kyiv
An interview with Daria Gaikalova, Bollywood’s new Ukrainian-born star director