Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert


11/16/2017 - 11:35

“Three S” as a new format

Legendary composers Myroslav Skoryk, Yevhen Stankovych and Valentyn Sylvestrov are now the pride not only of Ukrainian, but also of world culture! Each maestro is unique, inimitable, ingenious,...
11/09/2017 - 12:25

Piano as an interpreter

Musicians from Italy, Denmark, and Ukraine conquered the Kyiv public. The National Philharmonic of Ukraine hosted The Piano Fairy, an evening whose program arose at the crossing of three European...
11/09/2017 - 12:23

The Zaborovsky code

Every day, thousands of people admire the Lavra and Sophia bell towers, the St. Andrew’s Church which rise up on the right bank of the Dnieper. However, the name of the person thanks to...
11/09/2017 - 12:20

“Ukraine is part of my greater homeland”

Martin Pollack (born 1944) is an Austrian writer, journalist, and translator. He studies the problems of Central and Eastern Europe, specializing in Eastern European history. The author is the son of...
11/07/2017 - 12:18

Oleksandr DUBOVYK: “I keep putting together the jigsaw puzzle of my picture of the world”

Artist and philosopher Oleksandr Dubovyk, with his masterly command of both the brush and the word, does not really need an introduction. His wisdom and daring, professionalism and a continual...
11/07/2017 - 12:13

“Nothing in life happens by chance”

We met the outstanding violist at the recent 28th international festival Kyiv Music Fest 2017. Andriy Viytovych specially came to Kyiv to take part in the concert that marked the 75th birthday of...
11/01/2017 - 17:28

The visual code of the Ukrainian past

For more than two centuries, Ukrainians have been trying to unravel the riddles of Ivan Kotliarevsky’s The Aeneid. In most cases, researchers try to decipher the text: for example, they see...
10/31/2017 - 11:08

“Metaphysics” of photos

“Den’s Photo Exhibition displays images which serve higher purposes,” our editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna aptly described in an interview the annual fall aesthetic and intellectual...
10/31/2017 - 11:04

All songs are only about love

In early July 2014 our troops fought against the so-called DNR militias for Mykolaivka, a smallish town near Sloviansk in Donetsk oblast (population 16,000, total area 6.5 square kilometers)....
10/31/2017 - 11:01

When a book hits the mark

The reading audience of Den’s most recent publication this year, The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom, is now more than a thousand strong. Bookstore staff say that it is one of the...
10/26/2017 - 10:21

The faces of freedom

The opening ceremony featured the launch of an art album of the same name, released by Promin Publishers. Kharkiv artist Serhii Pushchenko has been fighting in the ATO since 2015 with the 5th...
10/25/2017 - 17:19

Decentralization is art!

The Kyiv office of U-LEAD is on the fourth floor of an ordinary business center. Anna Fisher is head of the Sectoral Decentralization Group of the U-LEAD with Europe program funded by the European...
10/19/2017 - 10:45

Olena Pryduvalova’s ragtime

A solo exhibit of artist Olena Pryduvalova is being held as part of the Kyiv Art School project. Do you want to feel a true soul of the capital city? Then rush to see “Holidays and Weekdays...
10/12/2017 - 11:58

A writer of the floating world

The writer was born on November 8, 1954, in Nagasaki, Japan, and won international fame in the UK. According to the metaphoric and aphoristic definition of the Nobel Committee, “in novels...
10/12/2017 - 11:49

Works that were inspired by the Vinnytsia Land

The exhibition presents works by participants of the Fourth International Plein Air Session which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Let us...


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