Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№14, (2006)

26.04.2006 - 00:00

Shadows of Turkish ancestors

We are more or less informed about the Ukrainian diaspora in different countries depending on our degree of interest in each particular country. Meanwhile, we know basically nothing about the...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Montserrat Caballe’s secret

The week before last the opera diva Montserrat Caballe sang in concert with the Ukrainian tenor Volodymyr Hryshko. “This is my third visit to Kyiv,” Ms. Caballe told a press conference last Wednesday...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Racing to beat the wind

If you think that your daily life lacks adrenalin, just attend a bikers’ event. And don’t say no if someone offers you a ride. Say yes and give him a happy smile. First, you won’t regret the...
26.04.2006 - 00:00


The 2006 elections were marked by the shattering defeat of the national democratic forces, along with the personalities who had played a significant role in gaining Ukraine’s independence. This is...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Easter gifts

“Religious presents” were especially popular in Ukrainian bazaars shortly before Easter. The last few days before the holiday were especially profitable for Lviv vendors located next to churches, who...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Exports will double

The process of integrating with Europe is gaining momentum and increasingly perceived in Ukraine as a real factor of domestic economic growth. “The positive consequences of the potential creation of...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

This week in history

April 26. The Day of Chornobyl Tragedy. 1986. An accident took place at the Fourth Bloc of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station. April 27, 1906. The first Ukrainian political periodical in the...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Life-long choice

Taras Shevchenko was 32 years old when he graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1845. This was a respectable age for embarking on a serious occupation that would give meaning to the...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Greenpeace puts Chornobyl toll at 100,000 deaths

The long-term effects of the Chornobyl accident on peoples’ health have been grossly underestimated, says the international environmental organization Greenpeace. Official UN data attribute about 4,...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Migrants and demography

European countries, the United States, and Russia cannot exist without migrants whose numbers have already reached 20 million. The same is true of Japan and, of course, Ukraine. On April 4 the NTN...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

Under the sign of the pretzel

There are not many cities in Ukraine that can boast of confectionery cafes. Lviv is one of them. Arrogant as it may sound, I still say that for this a city must possess a special, centuries-old...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

“Chimney sweeps”

Naftohaz Ukrainy CEO Oleksiy Ivchenko has never before paid much attention to politics or mentioned it as a factor influencing the image of his company. “Political factors within and without Ukraine...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

I too wanted to be Vakula!

Kyiv recently hosted the II specialized exhibit “Master Sword.” It featured displays from the Lviv History Museum, the Archaeology Museum at the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

“Poor people are not independent”

The leaders of the parties that ended up in parliament through the will of the electorate have found themselves in a situation best described by the noted Russian fabulist Ivan Krylov: “Upward...
26.04.2006 - 00:00

You cannot restore broken glass with a blow

The aim of the organizers of the first CIS forum of the creative and scholarly intelligentsia, held in Moscow on April 14-15, was to unite the CIS public in the struggle against violence, ethnic and...


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