Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№25, (2006)

07/25/2006 - 00:00

Waiting for H-hour

Zero hour — July 25 — is approaching. On that day President Yushchenko may exercise his right to dissolve parliament. However, even Yulia Tymoshenko’s supporters have now grasped that there will be...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Why not adjust the formula?

After raising the question of global energy security at the G8 summit, Russia did its best to dampen accusations of its tough stance toward Ukraine. Noteworthy in this connection was President...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

“Payments” for a session

During the first six months of this year the Ministry of Internal Affairs exposed 242 cases of bribery in the educational system. According to ministry data, this is an increase of some three or four...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

A 15-year-old Donetsk resident opens his own school

He began painting at age 9. At 15 he opened his own art school for young artists. He has already painted more than 120 pictures, mostly devoted to Ukraine and his native city of Donetsk. The above...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Swearing in the twin

Poland is trying to become a major power that Europe will reckon with, and Warsaw will be doing its best to achieve this goal. This conclusion stems from the maiden speech of Prime Minister Jaroslaw...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Why did they lose?

“There is already a new government, Mr. Yushchenko, you just didn’t notice it. And it won’t go away, and there is no way to squeeze it out.” Six month ago these words, uttered by Viktor Yanukovych in...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

About Fathers’ Day, passportization, and harmony

Yuriy Pavlenko recently summarized the achievements of the Ministry of Family, Youth, and Sport Affairs. There appear to be plenty of plans. The minister has approved programs and concepts for the...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Ukraine’s only department of apiculture may be closed

The passage of the Law of Ukraine “On Apiculture” in 2000 did not introduce any marked improvements in this sector. Even worse, the V. A. Nestervodsky Department of Apiculture at National Agrarian...
07/25/2006 - 00:00


Farbotony is a powerful and enduring creative project that occupies an important place among Ukrainian music festivals. This year the Farbotony festival featured traditional concerts by the Kyiv...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Folk couture

A private ethnographic museum run by the Korneliuk family in the Hutsul capital of Rakhiv in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast is enjoying increasing popularity among tourists. The Korneliuks are a famous...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

We need a capable partner for negotiations

Reinhard Schaefers, the new Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine, has had his first meeting with journalists in Kyiv. The large number of media people present at the meeting surprised him. The large...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

In between dissolution

President Yushchenko is expected soon to submit Viktor Yanukovych’s candidacy as the next prime minister to the Verkhovna Rada. At least, the Party of Regions is certain this will happen. In view of...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

Is your heart beating well?

The charitable action “Sertse, ne spy” (Keep a Good Heartbeat) has already collected 60,000 hryvnias for young cardiac patients. Its organizers, led by the musician Pavlo Hudymov, are planning to...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

“Ukraine is the sharpest word”

A memorial service was held on July 21 next to the Commemorative Cross at Babyn Yar, Kyiv, to mark the 100 th birth anniversary of the outstanding poetess Olena Teliha executed by the Nazis during...
07/25/2006 - 00:00

For whom do the bells of Pavlokoma toll?

On May 13, 2003, the presidents of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland attended the ceremony of unveiling a memorial in Pavlokoma to the Ukrainian victims of the Polish- Ukrainian fratricidal war. The...


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