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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Apropos of “Sotnyk Volodia’s impact”

Chances and risks in this new political situation
25 February, 2014 - 11:06

Today the attention of the whole world is attached to Ukraine. After three months of harsh struggle and counteraction Euromaidan and the opposition have managed to remove Viktor Yanukovych from power. The price was too high: 100 people were killed, up to 1,000 people were injured and maimed, and tens are considered missing. In modern history Ukraine has never paid such a price for change of power. But the situation is different because people were dying not for the clan-oligarch treaty and reformatting of power, but for the change of the system. What has been going on lately in Kyiv may be called an uprising, but it is not a revolution so far. The system has not been dismantled.

The power of Yanukovych, who over four years of his presidency was cementing the vertical of power, seemed to be unshakable and impossible to remove. But the spirit of protesters turned out to be unbreakable; the society organized itself and won. After disappearance of now former president Yanukovych and his closest milieu (Kliuiev, Arbuzov, Zakharchenko, Pshonka, Klymenko…) the public got access to their estates. The details of the palaces of former rulers of the state are shocking. In mass media and especially in social media people are savoring the details of the luxury of the rich: gold, antiquities, collections, exotic animals, sport complexes, most expensive cars. But now it is important not to switch attention to these details, but speak about the most important thing, for what people protested and died.

Photo by Artem SLIPACHUK, The Day

There is no doubt that now the number-one task is to restore the state governance and preserve the integrity of the state. Although Regionnaires are en masse leaving the party, it is for sure that those who rule in eastern and southern regions are hardly from the new power. There is a need to come to agreements. Whereas the Kharkiv duo Dobkin-Kernes now refuses from separatism statements, such statements continue to be expressed in the Crimea. In some regions a wave of pro-Russian meetings has taken place.

Another important task is finding and punishing of all the accomplices (masterminds, coordinators, and perpetrators) of the crimes over the past few months. Who ordered to disperse maidans and shoot people? Who kidnapped and tortured the protesters? Who hired the thugs? Those who are now controlling the force authorities must give answers to these and other questions.



The third thing is forming of the power. Over the past days so many events have taken place in parliament, that even for a lawyer it will be hard to sort them out. There is no doubt that not all of the approved decisions are legally clean. The experts incline to the opinion that they are dictated by the demand of the situation and political reason. The approved decisions include return to the changes of the Constitution of 2004, release of former prime minister Tymoshenko, appointing Turchynov the speaker of the parliament, and removing Yanukovych from power (his duties will be performed by Turchynov), appointing of acting minister of interior, a person in charge of the control of the work of the Security Service, a person in charge of the control over the work of Prosecutor’s Office, cancellation of the language law, and approving of the judiciary reform.