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Focusing on war routine

Photos are still accepted for the 19th international competition
21 September, 2017 - 11:03
Photo by Oleksiy Lebid

“Over the weekend I received 200 messages from photographers,” Den’s photography editor Mykola TYMCHENKO said at the beginning of the editorial briefing last Monday. Some authors are afraid to miss the deadline for submitting pictures to the Den’s International Photo Competition. But there is still time even to take “the crucial picture” because photos are being accepted until September 30.

Eighteen years of history, 122 exhibits in various places of this country, 778 prize winners – and we are not going to slacken the pace. “Last year about 200 photographers sent over 3,200 works. This year we already have 131 participants and almost 2,000 works,” Tymchenko says. There are very many new participants, and a lot of “seasoned” ones have not yet sent their pictures, for they are taking a very thorough approach to selection. And it is sometimes difficult to find time, for our prize winners often work in the Donbas, in this country’s hottest spots.

“The particularity of this and the past few years is, undoubtedly, photos from the ATO zone,” Tymchenko says. “This year we received fewer pictures of active hostilities. But many photos show the consequences of hostilities and those who suffered from them. It is so far difficult to speak about accents, but, apart from war pictures, there are traditionally many snapshots, both fumy and sad, of peaceful life. Another tendency of the past few years is a smaller number of political photos.”

Most of the participants are Kyivites, and, traditionally, there are authors from Lviv, Odesa, and Dnipro. There are also participant from the east – Sievierodonetsk, Kramatorsk, and Mariupol. It’s no accident that the contest is called international, for some participants come from other countries. For example, the London-based photo journalist Quintina Valero promised to send us a documentary story. Den’s photographers are also hunting for unique pictures. Their works are often awarded prizes, but the winners are the best, not necessarily ours. So, taking into account the rivalry, our photographers will have to try hard to impress the jury and thousands of people throughout the country, who will eventually see the final exhibit.

To participate in the competition, one should take three simple steps: make payment for organizational expenses in the amount of 50 hryvnias, fill out the online questionnaire, and attach to it a photo and the payment receipt. For details, see https://day.kyiv.ua/uk/content/ hvii-mizhnarodnyy-fotokonkurs-gazety-den.

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By Maria PROKOPENKO, The Day