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Jazz it up!

October Palace to host Oleksii Kohan’s double anniversary on November 10
9 November, 2017 - 12:50
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

Precisely on that day Oleksii Kohan will celebrate his 60th birthday, while the producing center Jazz in Kyiv which he founded will turn 10. Kohan’s name has long been a synonym for good jazz music. He is not only a renowned radio journalist, producer, and art director, but also art curator of several jazz festivals, in particular, those held in Kyiv and Lviv. His voice is recognizable from the very first words, and his jokes and anecdotes about musicians have become legend. Kohan has anchored over 10,000 programs on various Ukrainian radio stations. The army of jazz fans in our country is growing also largely due to his effort. He admits he loves jazz music “for its surprises and unpredictability” and is proud that now Ukrainian jazz is reaching world standards.

The birthday boy promises a lot of great and pithy music. A popular American fusion band Spyro Gyra is a special guest. Over the recent 40 years they have played in over 5,000 shows, produced 31 albums (not including compilations Best of…), sold more than 10 million plates, and also have one platinum and two gold albums on their record. Spyro Gyra organically combine jazz, funk, pop, and R&B.