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Legendary record of Serhii Bubka has been broken in Donetsk

Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie surpassed our compatriot’s achievement by two centimeters
18 February, 2014 - 11:28
Photo by the author

One of the most iconic records of world sport which had stood unchallenged for 21 years was broken in Donetsk during the 25th Athletic Tournament Pole Vault Stars, held at the Druzhba Arena on February 15. Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie surpassed Serhii Bubka’s achievement clearing 6.16 meters height, two centimeters higher than our compatriot’s best result.

Lavillenie has already become a prominent sportsman. Having won 2012 Olympics and multiple world championships, he has now managed to succeed where many more experienced athletes failed, thereby adding his name in golden letters to the history of world sport.

“To beat the record of Bubka was my ultimate dream,” the new record-holder said. The athlete is not going to rest on his laurels. Staying at the venue and just a few minutes after setting the world record, Lavellinie requested judges to set the bar even higher at 6.21 meters. However, luck was not with him on that occasion. Instead of a new achievement, he suffered an unfortunate injury that ended his participation in the Donetsk event.

“I am proud that he broke this historic record in my home city of Donetsk,” Bubka said. The legendary pole vaulter, president of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine was the first to congratulate the new record-holder.

By Oleksandr YERMOCHENKO, Donetsk