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Lutsk to immortalize town crier in sculpture

The city’s symbol and guardian of sorts now crowns the spire of Vladychna Tower as a weathervane
9 April, 2014 - 18:15

Town crier is an ancient profession. These people used to make public announcements in medieval cities and towns. They informed residents of all kinds of things, such as honoring famous generals, arrival of foreign envoys in the city, distribution of bread, a grandiose circus show, summons to court, passing sentences and carrying out executions. They would announce royal decrees and notify burghers about taxes, etc. Any important legal case was to be “cried out” by this person in a public place.

In the Lutsk castle, too, town criers stood night watch and constantly called to one another. In case of a fire or an enemy attack they rang the alarm bell. This ritual prompted coining the local term “klykun” (“one who calls out” in Ukrainian).

On the instructions of the Lutsk mayor, it was decided to embody the image of the Klykun in one or even several sculptures. The local authorities believe this project is of a patriotic and educational importance, for it will encourage Lutsk residents to study the history of and take pride in their city as well as promote historical and cultural research in the area.

In addition, Lutsk Klykun statues will arouse positive emotions and impressions in tourists and help set up an inimitable tourist route in the city. The city may finally see town criers who express various ranges of meanings: one who announces a princely decree, one who blows the horn, one who has climbed the lamppost to observe the territory, one who is tired and has lain down on a bench for a rest, one who has lost the key to the castle’s chancery in a sewer manhole, etc. The winner of the Lutsk Klykun competition will be awarded a 3,000-hryvnia cash prize from the municipal budget on City Day. The making and installation of town crier statues will be funded from various sources, perhaps including some art patrons.

By Natalia MALIMON, The Day, Lutsk