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Henry M. Robert

More than a contest

Uzhhorod held a street piano festival for children to raise funds for the military
13 August, 2014 - 17:05
Photo by the author

The event, organized by one of the city’s children’s entertainment establishments, brought together quite a lot of people, both avid music lovers and those willing to play a few pieces by famous composers. As much as 16 children participated in it, with their performance evaluated by a respected jury. All age groups were represented, ranging from the youngest performers who are still studying at primary school to those who will soon enter the professional piano world.

The impromptu concert of young performers lasted about three hours, and all participants were awarded certificates and prizes afterwards. It was also a charity event, as all listeners were invited to purchase souvenirs produced by the Transcarpathian Soldier Support Movement, with all proceeds of the sale to be used to purchase necessities of life for the soldiers who are now stationed in the anti-terrorist operation area.

“Play Me, I’m Yours” is an international cultural initiative, founded by contemporary British artist Luke Jerram in 2008. The street piano tours key cities around the world, available for every willing performer. Let us recall that a yellow-and-blue piano was played in Independence Square this winter. Meanwhile, Uzhhorod listened recently to children’s piano, painted with images of fairy-tale characters.

By Viktoria ZHUIKO, Uzhhorod