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Henry M. Robert

Strugatsky-themed… junk art

Exhibition of unusual artistic works started in Donetsk
21 May, 2013 - 10:25
Photo by Oleksandr YERMOCHENKO

The Donetsk junk art master Vitalii Yurenko presented approximately 40 works created from leftover materials and waste at the Donetsk Local History Museum. The exhibition is devoted to machinery. The exhibits include common motorcycles and marine craft as well as literature-themed compositions, inspired by the Strugatsky brothers in particular. The author maintains he is employing global approach to his works.

As soon as he sees a junk item which looks to him like a finished art production, he goes on to make it into one. Human imagination is infinite, but skillful coloring of the finished artwork is the most important stage, the master argues. It was Yurenko’s friends who got to see his first junk art production, consisting of screw anchors, fasteners, and wires. He is now making similar compositions on order to be given as gifts and souvenirs. The exhibition runs until June 30.

By Kateryna YAKOVLENKO, The Day, Donetsk