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Toxicodermia Cause Determined

17 October, 2000 - 00:00

Domestic and foreign specialists have concluded based on a thorough examination of Pervomaisk district residents (Mykolayiv oblast) the cause of the mass outbreak of toxicodermia was severe poisoning by a number of highly toxic chemical substances. In the experts’ opinion these compounds came to exist as a result of burning the polyvinyl chloride insulation of cables used for military purposes, cutting of metal constructions, melting of nonferrous metals in five villages of the region, and also the high content level of nitrates in the environment, reported the Cabinet of Ministers press service on the results of the October 7 meeting of the government investigative commission on the causes of the toxicodermia outburst among residents of Pervomaisk district, which summed up the conclusions of its first stage of work. According to the commission, immediate medical measures taken in the ecological disaster zone made it possible to localize and normalize the epidemiological situation. The last case of toxicodermia was recorded in Pervomaisk district on August 28. In all, some 378 local residents, including 228 children, have undergone inpatient and outpatient treatment.