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“Victory will be ours!”

Arsenii Yatseniuk visited the antiterrorist operation camp at Sloviansk to hand over new BTR-4E APCs and thank the commandos for their courage and will to fight
7 May, 2014 - 18:20
Photo from Arsenii YATSENIUK's Facebook page

The prime minister handed over to the nation’s defenders the first 4 out of 42 BTR- 4E APCs, purchased according to a special government program for the Omega commando unit of the National Guard of Ukraine. He also presented the men involved in the antiterrorist operation with guns, For Valour awards of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, presentation clocks of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“Today is a very important day for me, as I shook hands with each of you,” he said. According to Yatseniuk, Ukrainian soldiers have shown that “even if Russia has larger army, more armaments and forces, we have something much stronger – our will to fight and strong spirit.”

The prime minister said that despite the difficult condition of the country, the Cabinet was able to support the army in financial, material and technical regard: “We are fighting for the country and its future. I thank servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Security Service of Ukraine for their effort, courage, and strength. Victory will be ours. Glory to Ukraine!”