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Henry M. Robert

The wounded received their Den

Our newspaper responded to wishes of the anti-terrorist operation participants
5 June, 2014 - 12:11
Photo by Olena SOKOLYNSKA

“I will bookmark Den on my computer,” our reporter heard from Yaroslav Holiachenko, veteran of battles of Volnovakha and Kramatorsk who is now being treated in Kharkiv. “It is a quality publication with good analysis and detailed news. I will now read it regularly.”

Let us recall that when interviewed by our reporters (see Den’s No. 96), injured participants of the ATO in eastern Ukraine shared with them their wish to have more “food for the brain.” Thus, military patients of the Dnipropetrovsk hospital received lately an issue of our photo almanac Living History, which contains the best pictures taken by participants of the annual Den’s International Photo Contest, and a few issues of our newspaper. The doctors and the wounded alike were very grateful and surprised with the beauty and quality of our publication. “We will make sure to give it a thorough reading,” a soldier promised.

On June 3, it was Ivan Lys and Yaroslav Holiachenko’s turn to be surprised, as these two soldiers, wounded during the ATO in the Donbas and now being treated in Kharkiv, also got their issues of Den! Soldiers sincerely thanked the newspaper for caring about them and said that they were following developments in Donetsk region and worrying about their friends.

By the way, while Den’s reporter waited at the hospital’s checkpoint with a pile of newspapers, a few visitors and patients asked us to sell some to them, saying that they knew Den well, but mostly read it on the web, because it was in short supply at press agents. Obviously, Kharkiv experiences an acute shortage of quality print media. The hospital asked us to send them Den’s issues more often. Editors will certainly take care to comply with this request. Meanwhile, we are open to suggestions from sponsors expressing a desire to get involved and help raise the spirit of our heroes who suffered injuries during the ATO.

Our readers will be able to find out in the forthcoming issues of Den how our soldiers’ treatment is going on and who cares about their well-being and leisure.

By Olena SOKOLYNSKA, Kharkiv; Natalia PONEDILOK, Dnipropetrovsk