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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

“After the harvest there will be intellectual rest”

On August 15 Den’s Days are beginning in Vinnytsia oblast
13 August, 2014 - 17:07
Photo by Borys KORPUSENKO

“Provinciality is not a geographic notion,” this phrase mouthed by the editor-in-chief of Den/The Day, which has become winged, has found proof again. Not more than 10,000 people are living in the raion center Chechelnyk and village Olhopil, Vinnytsia oblast – this is really a remote area of the region on the border with Odesa oblast. But people here know well what quality literature, eventful leisure, and serious conversation are. The readers of Den/The Day must have known for a long time these population centers from our publications about the numerous local initiatives:  section on paddling and canoeing, equestrian sports competitions, and Chechelbaikrokfest, as well as many other important things that are useful, above all, for the upbringing of the young generation. They are realized owing to the efforts and care of local businessman Pavlo Kalenych, who has been a good friend and partner of Den/The Day for a long time. For the first time our photo exhibit took place in this area back in 2007, and this summer it will be held in two places, at first in Chechelnyk and then in Olhopil. Den’s Days in Vinnytsia oblast will start as soon as on August 15 and will last till the beginning of the fall. It will be reminded that the best photos of the 15th International Photo Competition Den-2013, as well as a special part dedicated to the Euromaidan will be on display at the exhibit.

“It is interesting for everyone,” notes Pavlo Kalenych, the head of the agricultural company “Olhopil.” “Therefore it is not the first time we are undertaking the organization expenses for holding of the photo exhibit, because we want to make this for people, so that the entire community saw this, and even the neighbors. The exhibit is usually attended by school headmasters, heads of houses of culture, village chairmen, and various residents of the Chechelnyk raion. The entire activity of Den/The Day is interesting for us, all the more so it is extremely actual due to all the events that are taking place in Ukraine. The agricultural company ‘Olhopil’ buys books of Den/The Day for schools and libraries of our raion. Of course, we are waiting for Den’s photo exhibit. Because photo artists show the beauty of our life, which we can leave unnoticed in everyday fuss. The masters of the photos aptly note and draw our attention to the problems of today.”

“We have already gathered the harvest and now can allow a kind of intellectual recreation,” Kalenych sums up.

In Chechelnyk Den’s photo exhibit starts on August 15 in the raion house of culture, and already on August 24 it will move to Olhopil, where it will operate till September 1 in the house of culture.