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The best photos two clicks away

Den launches its own photo bank – photo.day.kyiv.ua
15 June, 2017 - 11:04

Dozens of significant events occur in Ukraine every day, and it is just impossible to inform of them without showing high-quality photographs. Holding in high esteem the works of Den photo school authors, many of our colleagues often request the newspaper to sell them one photograph or another – a topical reportage picture, original artworks that have won in the Den photo competition, photo portraits, etc. We are also actively approached by those who work in advertising, design, website construction, and printing, for they all know that Den has always considered a photo as something more than just an illustration. This must be a masterpiece that impresses you deep inside, shows symbols and the subtext, reveals a new angle. Experts have long called Den’s photo archive, which comprises almost a million and a half photographs of all kinds, a “Klondike” of striking pictures.

To make the Den photo school’s achievements accessible to everybody, we are launching a photo bank of our own. It will take just two clicks to possess the best photographs. Our main advantages are a reasonable price of pictures, an immense choice, the constant replenishment of the base, a guaranteed quality, easiness and convenience of acquisition, a convenient interface of the base, and the fact that all images are licensed. But what really matters is the quality of photos themselves.

Den is actively topping up the base with spot photographs. And all of our archives will be accessible very soon.

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