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Henry M. Robert

“I will paint an Easter egg like Pavlo Tychyna’s”

15 April, 2014 - 11:32
Photo by Ruslan KANIUKA, The Day

Today the Pavlo Tychyna Museum-Apartment is getting ready for Easter. Traditionally a beautiful wooden casket with Easter eggs, presented to the poet in the 1950s by his student Oleksandr Pidsukha, who was teaching in Bukovyna at that time, will be placed in the living room on the dinner table before Easter.

The employees of the museum have already started to work on the project “I will paint an Easter egg like Pavlo Tychyna’s.” They suggest that people publish photo albums with detailed pictures (of a new Easter egg every day) on their FB pages and other social media. In such a way all people willing will be able to paint an Easter egg, repeating the painting and composition of the famous Easter-egg painter from Chernivtsi.

“With this project we will try to combine authentic and modern trends,” the director of Tychyna Museum Tetiana SOSNOVSKA told The Day. “These days the memorable Easter eggs mark 60th anniversary. In spring of 1954 Oleksandr Hubar presented Pavlo Tychyna with 10 Easter eggs painted by a well-known Bukovyna master. These 10 Easter eggs have been carefully stored at Pavlo Tychyna’s place. They were painted with traditional symbols and signs by a pysachok (a special brush), using wax. Apparently at that time, over 50 years ago, namely such paintings and this compositional unity were painted on the Easter eggs that people gave one another as a gift. We are launching a project ‘I’ll paint an Easter egg like Pavlo Tychyna’s’ to continue this wonderful tradition of painting and giving Easter eggs as a present, with a dream to preserve the authentic painting which has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries.”