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Henry M. Robert

“Lost house” at Zoloti Vorota station

16 February, 2017 - 11:45
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

Get Back Alive, an army assistance foundation, and the Kyiv Metro have put on a photography exhibit about the animals that latched onto the military in the Donbas. One can see the “Lost House” project at the concourse of Zoloti Vorota subway station until March 5.

The pictures were taken in the counterterrorist operation zone, namely in Pisky, Shyrokine, and Avdiivka, Donetsk oblast, by Oleksandr Haidar, Oleksii Chernyshov, and Andrii Rymaruk.

The cats and dogs that have lost their home due to fire exchange become true friends of the military. The caption to the photo of a little dog with a bulletproof vest on says that the most popular name for these animals is Ukrop. “These ‘little Ukrops’ do not leave their friends even when they are wounded,” the picture’s description adds.

Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day