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Trypillia Circle will invite everyone to watch the Parade of the Elements

The 6th International Eco-Cultural Festival will be held in Rzhyshchiv, Kyiv oblast, from June 27 through 30
24 June, 2014 - 11:53

The “Trypillia Circle 2014” will focus on the element of Water. It was the theme of water that inspired the organizers of the forum to implement a project with unique technical requirements and stated objective by creating the festival of online TV and radio.

This is a new creative platform that offers great opportunities to communicate important events of the festival and processes that reveal the basic eco-cultural principles of the Trypillia Circle: ecology, healthy living, clean environment, and openness to creativity. According to the event’s organi­zers, new tchnologies will enable them to not only communicate knowledge of the ancient Trypillian culture to a wide watching and listening audience, but also to introduce everyone to different va­riations of combining ethnic culture with modern trends in music and art.

The concerts will involve maestros from Belarus, Poland, and Romania, Ukrainian bands including TNMK, Veseli Vuiky, DrymbaDaDzyga, TaRUTA, and AtmAsfera, famous singers Jama­la and Ruslana et al, i-pro.kiev.ua reported.

Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day