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Art exhibit «Under the Lampshade»

Contemporary Art Museum of Ukraine to launch Rapoport-Faynerman-Agamyan display
4 September, 2017 - 17:43
BORIS RAPOPORT, A HOUSE IN PECHERSK / Illustration courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine

 Boris N. Rapoport, the founding father, was destined to travel a long and thorny life path. He came from a family that had suffered from the Stalin purges in 1937. The boy was saved by teachers at the art school where his parents had him enrolled. Eventually, his talent was recognized in the United States, during a Soviet “Talented Youth” exhibit. The National Art Museum of Ukraine purchased a picture he had created at the Art Institute of Kyiv. That was his first step on a long creative road, followed by hard work, art exhibits, and official recognition. His paintings are marked by refined lyricism that can only gladden the expert’s eye.

Anna Lvovna Faynerman had her own thorny path to travel after WW II: school, working at a factory, helping to rebuild war-devastated Kyiv. Arkhip Kuindzhi said that one has to sleep with an album and crayons to become a true artist. This is precisely the case with Anna Faynerman. She kept making sketches and writing poems continuously. Her pictures reveal simple plots while boasting rich colors that can’t leave anyone sensitive to the fine arts unimpressed. The artistic family is blessed with daughters Yelena Agamyan and Lyubov Rapoport, also granddaughter Anush Agamyan and great grandson Grigor Grigoryan. The younger generation appears to have inherited the best creative skills and traditions, complimenting them with their own individual approach and vision.

Yelena Agamyan has made her name as a professional and talented artist. The touching and refined sincerity of her pictures can leave no one unaffected. She is the author of the project “Museum in a Suitcase,” and she keeps collecting and organizing her parents’ heritage.

Lyubov Rapoport is known for her special style. She keeps experimenting with passion and reclusive quiet, real and dreamworld, generously sharing her talent with the viewer.

 Anush Agamyan, Yelena’s daughter, is a fashion designer. True to the family tradition, she is brimming with ideas after authoring the project “Wicker Book,” meant to bring Ukrainians closer together, using warm words of love of their native land. She is an active member of the Ptakh [Bird] International Children’s Drama Festival.

Grigor Grigoryan, Anush’s son, is into art photography, graphics, and fine arts, showing remarkable progress.

 “Under the Lampshade” will be launched in the presence of the family and numerous friends and guests, colleagues, art critics, museum and art gallery owners and experts, college and university students and professors — people who will come to pay homage to the renowned artistic dynasty.

This art exhibit will close on October 8.