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The birth of “Red Buddha”

A myth-and-fantasy art project at the National Taras Shevchenko Museum
27 June, 2017 - 10:46
Illustration courtesy of the exhibition organizers

This joint art project presents about 30 works by the artist Mykola Solohubov, the photographer Oleh Soshko, and the poet and musician Andrii Hushchin which have a common mythological and symbolic content. Special emphasis is put on examining the feminine essence in traditionally masculine archetypes.

Solohubov’s picture Red Buddha is in the center of the exposition. It correlates with the photo work by Hushchin/Soshko of the same name.

Exhibition organizers usher spectators into a world of myths and fantasies, which holds a place for quaint ghosts, demons, angels, and symbols of pre-biblical culture.

This collaborated project was conceived as a study of world mythology.

Solohubov calls himself a rearguard follower. In his pictures, he explores ancient peoples and pre-biblical stories. What occupies the central place in his works is the image of the female principle in its different manifestations.

Project author Hushchin and photographer Soshko also emphasize the female role in their photographs. Their photo cycle “Show” is seeking an answer to the question “What kind of a person is the woman who lives on the borderline of contemporary world and the traditions of ancient cultures?” The cycle “Man and his Phantasms” reproduces a journey to the innermost nooks of subconsciousness, which surprises, enchants and prompts him to engage in self-analysis.

The exhibit will remain open until July 2.