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Henry M. Robert

Cabinet of Curiosities: new project in Vinnytsia

16 April, 2014 - 17:36
Photo by Ihor KARLYTSKY

Unique project “Cabinet of Curiosities: Curiosities of Vinnytsia Region” continues in the city’s Art Museum. Locals have never seen such an art mix before. One exhibition hall houses old Dutch landscapes, porcelain figurines, carved boxes, clutch handbags as well as... human embryos preserved in a solution of formalin and stuffed birds. The exhibition displays items from the collection of the regional art museum and privately held antiques, with some exhibits coming from the pathological anatomy department of Vinnytsia Pirogov National Medical University.

“Even Kyiv’s museums would be happy to have some of our exhibits, since they are unique not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole world,” said Natalia Bezbakh, creator of the exhibition. “In addition to exclusive things, we display here a matrix for making silver icons or the first copy of Ivan Kotliarevsky’s Aeneid. Thus, this project combines educational and entertainment functions as well as reveals valuable historical and cultural monuments, which allow one to study development of various peoples.” The chaotically laid-out exhibition will impress Vinnytsia residents for a month. Then, all exhibits from Vinnytsia cabinet of curiosities will return to their owners, both private collectors and museums.

By Olesia SHUTKEVYCH, Vinnytsia