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Christmas Art Salon in colors of... spring

An exhibition of local artists continues in Kherson
16 January, 2014 - 10:18

Kherson artists presented local connoisseurs of art with a New Year gift of their own. The exhibition room of the local branch of the National Union of Artists is hosting the traditional exhibition of works which their creators have chosen as their best and presented to the public in the festive month of January. Although the title of the exhibition suggests its focus on the specific holiday, on entering the room, the spectator experiences an incredible variety of colors, motifs and moods, going well beyond Christmas, with works ranging from silver-colored winter steppe and urban landscapes to vivid still lifes with spring flowers, purple sunsets in Kherson harbor, colorful portraits and fairytale characters. Overall, about a hundred paintings by well-known artists and talented beginners alike have gone on display this time. These include Oleksandr Pechersky, Olena Dovhan, Volodymyrr Chupryna, Oksana Osnach, Volodymyr Kosterin, Valeria Moskvitina, and Anatolii Kychynsky.

According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to evoke positive emotions, draw attention to the works by local artists and brighten people’s mood a bit in winter. However, this winter is in no hurry to scare us with frosts and snowstorms, so the wealth of colors on the canvas is in line with unusually warm weather outside, looking like it heralds an early spring. For a spectator still longing for some real snow, the exhibition offers wintery pieces by Volodymyr Osadchy, Viacheslav Mashnytsky, Hanna Kashuba, and Anatolii Bykov.

Kherson masters invite everyone to visit the Christmas Art Salon exhibition till January 21 at 30/1 Ushakova Avenue, admittance is free.

By Ivan ANTYPENKO, The Day, Kherson Photo replicas by the author