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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Euromaidan of Dignity

We have traditionally awarded symbolic 2013 Crowns to people who are trying to make Ukraine a normal country
13 January, 2014 - 16:07

2013 has passed. It was not an easy year for the country in general and perhaps for most individuals in particular. It was a time of hopes, disappointments, and… new hopes. It is in 2013 that we embarked on “an irreversible course towards the EU,” to quote Viktor Yanukovych, got a new pejorative word “titushky” [burly guys dressed in sports gear who act as agents provocateurs. – Ed.], worried about our soccer players who had at last showed teamwork and a new “pattern of behavior,” saw a breakthrough of Ukrainian cinema to big screens, and… thronged Independence Square when the government “suspended preparations for EU association.” So we surprised the whole world with, above all, an example of dignity.

A few days before the old year passed, the media traditionally published their rating lists of “the most influential,” “the richest,” and “the most popular” Ukrainians. Den/The Day has also done so, albeit in a different reference frame. We traditionally mark those who are trying to make Ukraine a normal country with their own example. These Ukrainians have now formed a critical mass on the streets, and this “mass” has proved that it is a civil society.

For example, in 2009 Den chose Anatolii KVASIUK as Person of the Year. He had been restoring the invaluable 11th-12th-century Kholm Icon of the Holy Virgin on his own for ten years. Incidentally, our symbolic crown was his first national-scale award.

In 2010 we marked our contributor, political writer Mykola KHRIIENKO, who had carried out the journalistic research project “Ukrainians beyond the Urals.”

In 2011 Den conferred a crown on Natalia ZABOLOTNA, director of Mystetsky Arsenal. The latter was called generator of all intellectual and artistic endeavors throughout the year.

In 2012 Den decorated the IT expert Yehor ANCHYSHKIN for his efforts to successfully promote Ukrainian private initiatives in the world.

This time, Den decided to award crowns to people who had displayed dignity and learned to work in a team. Each of them is a bright personality, but, to achieve a true goal, they became a real team – on the sport grounds, on filming locations, in online networks, and… on Euromaidan.

This is why Den decided in 2013 not to choose just one Person of the Year but to institute a generalized character – Euromaidan of Dignity.

Person of the Year: Euromaidan of Dignity (generalized character)

Den’s Crown recipients:

♦ Mykhailo FOMENKO, chief coach of Ukraine’s national soccer team – “for three days of happiness”;

♦ Lilia SHEVTSOVA, Dmitry SHUSHARIN, and Oleksandr PRYLYPKO – “for an unconventional view”;

♦ Ruslana LYZHYCHKO – “for night watching”;

♦  The ZIK and Donbas TV channels – “for broadening the horizons”;

♦ Ivan KAPSAMUN, Den’s political editor, “for non-conformism in journalism” (in a series of materials);

♦ Valentyn NALYVAICHENKO, Member of Parliament, – “for honoring historical memory”;

♦ Olha KHARLAN – “for an inspiring example”;

♦ Vitalii ZAMOISKY, a subway driver who called upon passengers to go to Maidan; Oleksandr FORMBERG, Luhansk; Dmytro STETSENKO, Zaporizhia; and Serhii LISITSYN, Kramatorsk – “for civic courage”;

♦ Akhtem SEITABLAIEV, director of the film Haytarma, – “for brilliant artistic expression”;

♦ Ivan SYDOR, doctoral student at Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy and webmaster of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, – “for the bell toll that was heard”;

♦ Dmytro KOLCHYNSKY – “for establishing right priorities”;

♦ Myroslav SKORYK, Valentyn SYLVESTROV, and Yevhen STANKOVYCH, composers, – “for ‘sky-high effect’ in music”;

♦ Lviv Student Debate Club – “for supporting the intellectual environment”;

♦ Den’s creative team – “for Route No.1, a glossy supplement, as a media phenomenon.