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The high tide of magnolias

Six species of one of the planet’s oldest plant families are blooming in Uzhhorod
12 April, 2017 - 17:33

People wanting to be photographed with beautiful flowers even have to wait in queues sometimes. Magnolias are among earliest-blooming flowers in the regional center of Zakarpattia. The climate suits them very well, so the plants can be seen not only in botanical gardens, but also in downtown streets, bedroom neighborhoods and low-rise districts. Those wanting to be photographed among the great and magnificent magnolia branches gather mostly in front of the Zakarpattia Oblast State Administration building. Narodna Square features several free-growing species of magnolia.

Uzhhorod had become home to about 10 varieties of magnolias, tourism student Fedir Shandor told The Day. The most prominent of them are Kobus (white), Soulangeana (pink), and Lennei (purple).

By Viktoria ZHUIKO, Uzhhorod. Photos by the author