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“Intellectual feeder”

or Reflections on my IT-Den on the occasion of the site’s anniversary
9 February, 2016 - 11:34
Drawing by the author

In the past, when I had quite relaxed but not really exciting work, I could not wait till the end of the working day. I used to idle the time away by reading the blog Ukraine Incognita on social networks. This is how I first met Den newspaper, even if I did not realize it back then. A miracle, indeed! I never paid attention to the header of the website, which I visited when I clicked links. Great was my astonishment when I met Larysa Ivshyna and learned that this “intellectual feeder” for a lot of my friends, Ukraine Incognita, was Den’s brainchild.

Now that I am working for Den, I am no longer surprised at such coincidences. Den manages to reach out to its audiences everywhere. It was only natural that it was Ukraine’s first newspaper to set up its digital version, it was the first to create virtual tours around numerous museums, and it has a whole lot of other “firsts” which I fail to list here. Check out its website and see for yourselves!

That is why I will not be surprised if there are web readers of Den who have no idea of the conventional paper version. Actually, it does not really matter. What does is that Den always treats its reader to quality content. This is how convergent media work: by finding grateful audiences in various environments.

By Anna HAVRYLIUK, The Day