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Jazz on… canvas

Viacheslav Breish presents his new works at the Chocolate House
26 April, 2017 - 18:04
Illustration courtesy of exhibit organizers

The Kyiv-based artist calls his exhibit “Springtime Reigns.” The exposition displays music-themed pictures with a “jazz hue.” In his painting compositions, music “plays” in various rhythms and improvisations, which is also reflected in dynamic lines and the gamut of colors. The author himself characterizes his style as “grotesque realism with a touch of modernism.”

“My technique is a mixture of well-known and unknown techniques,” Viacheslav BREISH said in an interview. “I learn something and figure something out by myself. I stick to no canons, for I’m sure dynamics and progress are precisely in this. Art should be multifarious – like the whole world and all the people. I’d like my pictures to arouse some feelings in people. You know, what the artist did and did not say should equally coexist in each picture. The spectator should feel: my heroes are living and ready to change at any moment. I like working in series, for a series is like a proposal – you’ve written and read it. Then you begin a new line. And this results in a solid story.”

The exhibit “Springtime Reigns,” which is part of the series “Music in the Oeuvre of Contemporary Artists” prepared for Eurovision Song Contest 2017, will remain open until May 14.