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Made in Ukraine from the Hadiukin Brothers

17 March, 2014 - 17:07

Let us recall the idea of returning to the big stage occurred to the famous band’s musicians after the memorial Serhii Kuzminsky concert “He Came Home.” Lots of friends and fans of the team asked them then to revive the popular music brand. As soon as May 2014, the Hadiukin Brothers plan to present a new album in London, and then perform songs from it at various festivals in Ukraine, in particular at the West Forum in August. Ihor Melnychuk (bass) and Pavlo Krakhmaliov (keyboard instruments) sat down last September to work and recorded 20 demos in a studio.

“The Brothers’ new album will be their first encounter with the public after Kuzminsky’s death... Such a step requires courage and a profound rethinking of their legacy. I think we will see an extremely good job with a new message to the audience,” said Oleh Hnativ, producer of the Ukrainian band Perkalaba.

The working title of the new album is Made in Ukraine. It will include 16 tracks. The album will be designed in the best traditions of the band, offering a mix of Ukrainian Rhythm & Blues, Hutsul reggae, Lviv chanson and strong texts of current interest.

The Day learned from musicians that the band will not seek a new vocalist, with singing performed by its members Ihor Melnychuk, Pavlo Krakhmaliov, Mykhailo Lundin, Lilia Kuvaldina, and Olena Romanovska.