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Neapolitan art from Kyiv

New Gallery opened the exhibit of the modern Italian art “O sole mio!”
25 November, 2013 - 17:57

For the first time in Kyiv the New Gallery of the Russian Museum and the Italian Culture Institute of Kyiv at the Italian Embassy in Ukraine opened the exhibit of modern Italian artists. Gianni Strino, Francesca Strino, and Francesco Tammaro presented their works in the exhibit “O sole mio!” One of the painters, maestro Gianni Strino flew to Kyiv for the opening of the exhibit, greeted the Kyiv audience and shared with the guests his special story of love to Ukraine.

“Art is a great meeting between the nations, this time between the Italians and the Ukrainians,” full of impressions Gianni STRINO said. Personally I already know Ukraine: I have been to Donetsk four times but it is my first time in Kyiv. I have special relations with this city. My great-grandfather who was a musician worked here. I still keep old photos of my great-grandfather showing in particular old Kyiv. That is why I can say that I have known the Ukrainian culture for a long time.”

It is significant that the exhibit is the first one in the history of the New Gallery as the new location of the Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art. This is what its director, artist, art conservator, and the corresponding member of Petrovska Academy of Sciences Yurii Vakulenko told the visitors of the exhibit.


“The art has always been here in the New Gallery. Today a new project was born, a new gallery of the Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art,” the honored cultural worker of Ukraine Yurii VAKULENKO remarked at the opening of the exhibit. “So far the project changes its location depending on the direction of the exhibit, its topic, and participants. We are very lucky that the first project presents the paintings with old traditions. The mentality of our nations is very similar which encourages a new round of dialog not only in the artistic environment.”

The organizers of the exhibit had a little surprise for the visitors. The Italian artists decided to give the New Gallery one of their works as a present. The presented painting shows a girl in a window looking with light sadness into the eyes of every visitor. The art historian Natalia Kryvutsa commented on this painting saying that “probably, the developments in Ukraine give such an impression from far away. Believe me, we are very cheerful, hospitable, and interesting people.”


“The exhibit presents the works of the artists of the modern Neapolitan school. The creative work of Gianni Strino, Francesca Strino, and Francesco Tammaro differ by a particular realism and deep philosophy,” the Italian Ambassador to Ukraine Fabrizio ROMANO commented on the exhibit. “The works of these artists regularly participate in auctions and exhibits in prestigious Italian and European galleries. Italy has always been considered an open-air museum due to the works of art of our outstanding painters and sculptors. I am very pleased that the works of modern Italian artists are so popular as well. I believe that such projects not only make the Ukrainian audience aware of the contemporary Italian culture but, without any doubts, contribute to strengthening of the friendly relations between our countries.”

The exhibit at the assistance of Ukrainian Fashion Week, GRIZA.org, Paduano Arte, SetaArt will last in the New Gallery of the Russian Museum till December 13.

By Anna SVENTAKH, The Day. Photos courtesy of the exhibit’s organizers