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To play... the Euromaidan

Ukrainian programmers have released a virtual reality game with this name
21 January, 2014 - 10:29
Photo from the website BM.IMG.COM.UA

From now on, Ukrainians can not only visit the Euromaidan, but play it, too. The game appeared following mass protests that have begun in Ukraine in late November 2013. One can play the Euromaidan on mobile devices running Android and iOS. Internet users can also try a new virtual reality toy, as a browser version powered by Flash technology has been created, too.

The game is rather simple. Its objective is to set three or more identical items in a horizontal or vertical line. The main characters are riot police, interior ministry troops, titushky [pro-government thugs. – Ed.], New Year tree and bimba [allegedly, Prime Minister Azarov’s misspelling of the Ukrainian word for “bomb.” – Ed.]. These have been the prime symbols of the Euromaidan events and frequent newsmakers. Bonuses can be earned by combining elements which symbolise European Union, Ukraine, unity ribbons, Cossack with a bandura and the flag of Ukraine.

Incidentally, this is not the first Euromaidan-themed game. Bigmir.net lists top five of such virtual amusements: “Euromaidan” (150 downloads so far), “Night in Independence Square” (3,000 downloads), two versions of “Angry Ukrainians” (one of them is online, another was downloaded 10,000 times) and “Yanukovych: Prison 3D,” which has been the hit of the season with 90,000 downloads.

By Anna SVENTAKH, The Day