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Sculptor with engineering inclinations

The Tate Britain Gallery, the most famous London establishment of its kind, has launched an exhibition of Richard Deacon
12 February, 2014 - 17:58

Richard Deacon, a member of the New British Sculpture group and winner of the prestigious Turner Prize, prepared a major project for his fans and art lovers, summarizing all his creative life. The oldest exhibits belong to the series “Art for Other People” (1982), while the green ceramic sculpture Fold (2012) is the most recent piece to go on display.

The sculptor favors wood, metal, and ceramics in his work. Deacon’s creations embody the idea of replicating nature of the environment via the artist’s vision. His sculptures combine organic forms and engineering technology, and his methods are constantly changing. As noted by the Tate Britain, highlighting Deacon’s affection for various materials was their chief objective in creating this exhibition. The exhibition’s 40 works are chronologically ordered, from giant sculptures of the early 2010s to the early paintings of the late 1970s.

Ukrainian art lovers had the opportunity to get acquainted with Deacon’s works and the artist himself at the ARSENALE-2012 exhibition.

By Anna SVENTAKH, The Day