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“To show what nobody notices”

Photos of swamp birds by Serhii Ryzhkov are exhibited in Kharkiv
18 February, 2014 - 10:21
KINGFISHERS / Photo replica by the author

A photo exhibition “Birds of the Native Land” by young artist Serhii Ryzhkov (let us remind that Den already wrote about him, issue No. 110, June 27, 2012) took place at the TELEGA Art Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk. The exposition, supported by the Dnipropetrovsk branch of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, presented 25 works featuring birds to the pleasure of the audience. Gallery visitors were the most impressed by the fact that Ryzhkov counted about 150 species of birds only within Kryvy Rih area. But the photographer says there are many more of them. “Nature gave us its unique creations, and my task is to show the world what nobody notices,” he says.

People of various professions and tastes (teachers, photographers, ornithologists, regional ethnographers, artists) showed interest in the exhibition. English birdwatcher Paul Bradbeer, who has been living in Ukraine for many years and is a member of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, came to the exhibition opening. The conclusions are clear: posters, calendars, booklets must be made, photos should be used in textbooks as teaching aid to increase the level of knowledge about the native land.

Meanwhile, an exhibition “The Wondrous World of Swamps” took place at the Kharkiv Gallery AVEC. It was organized by the National Park “Slobozhansky” and also featured works by the Kryvy Rih photographer. The exhibition featuring Ryzhkov’s photos of water and swamp birds continued its existence at the Korolenko State Scientific Library, Kharkiv, where the roundtable “Ways of Wetlands Preservation” with the participation of scholars of the National Park took place. The exhibition will last till March.

By the way, at the end of 2013, Ryzhkov was accepted to the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine. Now the young photo artist competes for the right to be the best in his category in the contest Photographer of the Year 2013.

By Volodymyr DUMANSKY, Dnipropetrovsk oblast