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Ukrainian castles on the banks of the Thames

Lviv painter Orest Maniuk’s personal exhibition launched in London on October 15
16 October, 2013 - 17:06

This is the 115th exhibition in the artist’s career. The Lviv painter has come to London at the invitation of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and brought 38 new works, combined under the title “Poetry of Painting,” for the local audience to judge.

Lviv, the Carpathians, castles of Ukraine and other European countries are all Maniuk’s favorite subjects, so visitors get to admire views of Lviv, beautiful scenery of the Ukrainian Carpathians, castles in Lutsk, Svirzh, and Pidhirtsi, waterfalls in Yaremche and quiet bay of Balaklava, and somewhere between all these sights, one will suddenly find peasant huts stealthily emerging from behind the street corner, pictured in Malvas after the Rain.

The artist is often highly emotional in his work, he painted a lot recently, participated in plein airs in Khotyn, Kamianets-Podilsky, the Crimea, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, while his paintings are on display in 38 countries, including Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany, and the US.

“Artists need to communicate with the audience,” Maniuk said. “They change with every exhibition. It is interesting to look at myself through the eyes of other people in Europe, to compare myself with the Europeans, to show them Ukraine in this way. For me, it is also an opportunity to visit European museums. When I was in London last time, I carefully examined paintings by Claude Monet, then walked down the city streets, found his subjects and compared them with his paintings. It was an interesting experience for me to communicate with the city, its architecture and this artist. I transform into paintings everything I see.”

Maniuk’s exhibition will be on display in London until October 24, before moving to Paris for a while.

By Yosyp MARUKHNIAK. Photo replicas by the author