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Words cannot convey it – come and see!

Winners declared at the Sculpture 2014 Triennale
26 June, 2014 - 11:54
Photo by Oleksii Ivanov

Residents and guests of Kyiv have got a chance to see how modern Ukrainian plastic arts are develop­ing. The exhibition presents the best works by the masters of sculpture, mostly small-scale ones that have been created over the past three years. As the organizers (the National Union of Ar­tists of Ukraine) told us, parti­cipation in the event depended primarily on the talent and professionalism of the artists who make the world of sculpture vivid and exciting, multi-faceted, complex and thus even more interesting for the lay audience and professionals alike.

As much as 150 artists from all over Ukraine participated in the 6th All-Ukrainian Triennale “Sculpture 2014,” some of them even presented several works. Both well-known masters and young artists took part. The jury has awarded the first prize to Kostiantyn Synytsky (Kyiv). Kharkiv-based Vale­rii Pyrohov won the second prize for his sculpture Life Is Not a Bed of Ro­ses, and the bronze went to Oleksandr Mykhailytsky from Kyiv.

The works will be on display till July 6.