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World Press Photo will name the best pictures of 2017 in April

21 February, 2018 - 17:14

Independent nonprofit organization World Press Photo has identified the finalists of the 61st Annual Competition and published, for the first time, a preliminary list of six photos that are nominated for the best photo of the year, its official website reports. “The Photo of the Year nomination honors the photographers whose visual creativity and skills made a picture that captured or represented an event or issue of great journalistic importance in the last year,” is stated on the website of the organization. Overall, the jury has chosen the contenders for awards in eight categories including a new category called “Environment.” The contest is attended by 42 photographers from 22 countries. The winners of the World Press Photo Contest will be announced in April at a ceremony in Amsterdam. The cash prize for winning the premier nomination is 10,000 euros. Exhibition of award-winning photos is shown worldwide in 45 countries, reaching a global audience of over 4 million people each year. As an illustration: one of the six photos nominated for the best photo of 2017, which depicts events on Westminster Bridge in London after a terrorist attack that killed five people; Toby Melville is the author of the picture.

By Natalia PUSHKARUK, The Day