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Tragedy near Volnovakha

Why do our troops suffer such losses?
27 May, 2014 - 11:07

Disturbing news arrived yesterday from Volnovakha raion. Ukrainian troops were attacked there. The most contradictory messages are received. Witnesses say that a column of 3 armored personnel carriers with 30 people was attacked by militants when it stopped for the night. According to the statement made by acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, 13 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Viktoria Siumar writes that “terrorists in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts have been surrounded by units of the armed forces, which clearly localized them. The attack on the checkpoint near Volnovakha is an attempt to break out of the encirclement and capture another town.”

Yes, terrorists are armed, they have anti-tank weapons, but they approached our servicemen on cash transport cars which were stolen from Privatbank. Judging by photos in social networks and on Donetsk media websites, terrorists took our soldiers by surprise. It is no coincidence public prosecutor’s office started proceedings according to Article 425, Part 2 (negligence) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

So, it turns out our losses could have been significantly smaller if actions were planned properly and appropriate reconnaissance was performed. One does not need a genius mind and deep strategic thinking to understand that the activity of terrorists will grow as the date of the election approaches. Further, according to statements made by the Ministry of Defense, National Security and Defense Council, and other law-enforcement agencies, the position of terrorists and separatists is very bad. Perhaps, it is true, then it is even more likely they will try to escape the encirclement like cornered animals.

It turns out, no proper conclusions were drawn from the previous attack on our column. Why was the approach of terrorists to the camp allowed at all? Where were sentry posts and execution of the service regulations? There is no need to invent something new. It is enough to adhere to the regulations, it would eliminate a lot of problems in Ukrainian army. Romans under Caesar’s command in hostile Gaul were not lazy to arrange the camp for night according to all the rules. It was unnecessary to dig ditches, but commanders simply must take the basic measures. Moreover, when it happens at a war like this, when terrorists can appear at any moment.

Our government and military forces did not provide a clear answer yesterday, they confined themselves to mere statement of the tragic fact. For how long can this go on? And what other lessons are required for the start of professional action, in both performing military operations and informing the society about the current events?

It seems we are dealing with an ongoing disease of not only the army and special services, but of the whole government. Either the anti-terrorist operation is carried out just for show, despite the heroism of soldiers and officers, or blatant incompetence of its leadership is present. It seems that reconnaissance is insufficient, columns movement is planned and secured poorly. A solider air escort should be considered. After all, militants attacked on the terrain where all types of weapons could have been used against them, including the heavy ones.

Intensification and increase in number of terrorist attacks should be expected in the remaining days before the election. It is essential for them to disrupt the vote at least in eastern oblasts. By inflicting significant losses on the anti-terrorist operation participants, they solve another task: create a wave of protests among the population, thus weakening our rear.

Militants in Donbas increase the number of attacks on Ukrainian border guards as well.

In particular, on the evening of May 21, “Krasnodon” border guard detachment revealed an attempt of border trespassing by 3 heavy duty trucks moving from Russia beyond the established checkpoint. As a result of the fight, trespassers were forced to retreat to Russian territory.

“Stanychna Luhanska” border guard division repelled three capture attempts. Border guards managed to eliminate two snipers’ firing points and a road roller, with which the attackers tried to break through the gates to the territory of the division.