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XX International Photo Contest of the Day newspaper


  • 19 years of history in photographs;
  • 129 photo exhibits across Ukraine;
  • 809 winners of the Photo Contest.


1. Ukrainian World

2. Politics

3. Photo with History

4. The World Through Children’s Eyes (open to minors under 18, submission free)

* The Jury of the Photo Contest determines which standing a given photo belongs to




You take three easy steps to vie in the competition:

1. Pay UAH 100.00 (this money will be used to cover organizational costs, including hard copies of photos to help select works to be put on display, design, etc.).

2. Fill in the contestant’s questionnaire.               

3. Email your photos and a copy of the contest entry fee receipt

* To save your money, the Organizers have introduced a common fee that covers the costs of printing each photo in A3 format.

Fee payment options:

  • Pay by VISA and/or MasterCard here (make a screenshot of transaction in Platon system);
  • Pay at any bank/office or by using an online banking facility (payment receipt complete with banking details is mandatory);
  • Pay at the Editorial Office, 121d Prospekt Peremohy, Kyiv.

Banking details

Recipient: Ukrainian Press Group, Ltd.

EDRPOU Code 24249388

Recipient’s bank: Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Kyiv,

MFO 380805, Settlement Account 26007478064

Payer’s full name (first, middle and surname)

Purpose of payment: Den’s 20th Photo Contest entry fee

Fill in this form and email it with your photo(s):

IMPORTANT: Each file should not exceed 85 Mb (10-15 photos). If in excess of this size or if you have other problems sending your file(s), email this form with photos attached to day.bild@gmail.com or send a file hosting link.

Form last checked and proved effective 07.13.2018. 

Details: LLC Ukrainian Press Group Code 24249388, JSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval, MFO 380805, P / R No. 26007478064. In the purpose of payment, please indicate your full name and a note "For Participation in a Photographic Competition"
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.


1. Ukrainian World

2. Politics

3. Photo with History

4. The World Through Children's Eyes (open to minors under 18, submission free)

* The Jury of the Photo Contest determines which standing a given photo belongs to


This Photo Contest is open to professional and news photographers, amateurs, and minors aged under 18.

Each contestant can submit up to 20 black-and-white and color photos of exhibit quality (at least 3,000 pixels and not less than 3 Mb).

Each file with photos must be complete with a questionnaire* filled in by the contestant.

IMPORTANT: Submissions deadline is September 15, 2018


Photos with persons aged under 18 [i.e., minors] can be displayed only with their parents’ knowledge and consent (sample photo consent form attached).

Minors can submit photos only with their parents’ knowledge and consent (sample consent form attached).

Sample consent forms will be provided by the Editors on request.

Each contestant must pay UAH 100.00 contest entry fee, regardless of the number of photos submitted.

Minors aged under 18 are entered in the World Through Children’s Eyes standing free of charge.

Contest entry fee will be used mostly to cover organizational costs (printing photos for selection, design, etc.) and will not be refunded.

Works submitted by contestants that fail to meet the above-mentioned requirements, including documents, will be disregarded by the Jury.

By taking part in this Photo Contest, the contestants confirm and guarantee that they are the authors of the works submitted, that they have not transferred their copyright to any other person except the Organizers of this Photo Contest, and that their participation in this Photo Contest will not infringe upon the copyright of a third person.

Should any data with regard to copyright and guarantees, listed hereinabove and provided hereunder, prove inaccurate and/or untrue, the contestant at fault will undertake to settle any claims thereunder, including damage and lost profit claims filed by the Organizers.

The works submitted to the Photo Contest will not be reviewed and will not be returned.

The Jury of the Photo Contest has the right to name winners and assign awards, prizes, and otherwise encourage them by having their works carried by Den/The Day, including the Internet versions of these periodicals, duly acknowledging their authorship and paying honorariums as per editorial rates, and to further use their photos as per Terms and Conditions of the Photo Contest.

The Organizers have the right to use any of the works submitted in order to promote this and other projects of Den/The Day, subject to the condition that the authors [photographers] are duly acknowledged.

Winners will receive their awards only when present during the ceremony scheduled for October 2018.

Winners of the Photo Contest will make all tax and duty payments due them under the laws currently in effect in Ukraine. They will be held accountable for the authenticity of information and any and all documents pertaining to such payments provided by them.

No prizes will be redeemable for cash.

Each contestant, by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Photo Contest, assumes certain obligations and undertakes to abide by certain rules hereof. The Terms and Conditions of the Photo Contest constitute a mixed public contract with elements of participation, copyright and copyright transfer agreements.

* You can fill in the questionnaire and send photos on this website


+38(044) 3039621, pr@day.kiev.ua