Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№23, (2011)

14.04.2011 - 00:00

“Portraits” of resistance

Thirty years have passed since Liudmyla Yastreb died, and forty-five since her creative path began. The artistic discoveries of this talented painting and graphic art master from Odesa, an...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

This day in history

1768: Koliivshchina, a Cossack and peasant rebellion against Poland, begins in Ukraine, led by Maksym Zalizniak and Ivan Honta. 1852: Kyiv Central Archives are established at St. Volodymyr University...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Auditing directorate sets a record

“This money is enough to keep all Ukrainian Army conscript soldiers well-fed for at least two years,” said Denys Krasnikov, deputy chairman of the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine. In his words...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

BEST Engineering Competition

Do you know that Ukrainian college students can easily solve the problem of traffic jams? I witnessed this when visiting the Third Ukrainian BEST Engineering Competition (UBEC) at the Kyiv...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Bukovyna’s pysanka therapy

Oleksandra Hubchyn, Natalia Surundzhy and Svitlana Krasovska, pysanka painters from Chernivtsi and members of the women’s organization Slavia, held trainings on Bukovyna pysanka painting at...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Mysterious tragedy, real fear

MINSK — The mysterious tragedy in Minsk gives food for rumor. Many in Belarus and abroad are still wondering about the real objective of whoever engineered the metro station explosion. Was it...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Chairs for “pragmatists”

“The major positive result of the discussion,” Ukrainian Prime Mi-nister Mykola Azarov said yesterday, while summing up the negotiations with Vladimir Putin, “was that the Russian...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Ukraine and Poland to prepare Euro-2012 volunteer workers together

Activists from youth movements in Ukraine and Poland discussed the preparation of volunteers for the Euro-2012 within the framework of the program of the corporation Ukrainian-Polish Center of...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

The fall of Great Novgorod

Sons of the snows, Slavonians’ sons, Why courage have ye ceased to cherish? Why?.. Perish must your tyrant once, As every tyrant had to perish!.. “Novgorod” by Mikhail...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

Why do Ukrainian-speaking parents have Russian-speaking children?

It’s been over 15 years now that the Social and Political Psychology Institute at the Ukrainian Pedagogy Academy has been monitoring and analyzing the Ukrainian youth — their values,...
14.04.2011 - 00:00


The exhibition includes works by 24 contemporary artists from various countries, including Nazar Bilyk, Marcia Smilack, Anna Shabunina, Igor Konovalov, Seth Chwast, Deborah Jill, Michael Madore, and...
14.04.2011 - 00:00


  American experts devise development plan for Sevastopol port  Specialists from the United States Agency for International Development — Local Investment and National...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

An impressive orchestra

LVIV — Guests from the capital brought two performances to Leopolitans: their most recent production, the ballet The Lord of Borysthenes by Yevhen Stankovych, Hero of Ukraine, and Vincenzo...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

We are building a “five-star” Ukraine

Our readers probably remember that this has been Viktor Yanukovych’s second visit to the city of Lviv over the past year. The first took place on May 27, 2010. “I brought here a great many people...
14.04.2011 - 00:00

The sacred water of Songkran

April 13, 2011. Young Thai monks pray during the Songran festival at the meditation center Sakhira-Dammasatan in Bangkok. It is considered that on this holiday the Thai new year arrives. Songkran...


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