Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№77, (2011)

29.12.2011 - 00:00

Awaiting the holiday

The “Berizka” orphanage is actively preparing for winter holidays; they have just seen off St. Nicholas and they are already expecting Santa Claus. The educators are sewing costumes for...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

This country needs a quality alternative

Says Larysa IVSHYNA, editor in chief, Den/The Day (in an interview with Radio Liberty, Dec. 28. 2011): “Recent trends in Ukraine’s media point to freedom being aimed against itself. The Ukrainian...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Borys KOLESNIKOV: We will present the cultural program for Euro-2012 this March

National Bank of Ukraine has minted 11 commemorative coins of Euro 2012. The presentation was held at the National Sports Complex Olimpiisky on December 27, with Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Splitting instead of consolidating

“This Christmas I would like to ask my family and friends all over the world not to worry about me. I know that I am more alive than the people who threw me into the prison” – this is what Yulia...
29.12.2011 - 00:00


George Shevelov wrote the article “Moscow, Maroseika” in 1954 in Boston. At the time, the USSR was pompously celebrating the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

The presence of personalities like Ghandi and Mandela means that such people are in demand

Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK visited Den/The Day yesterday. Knowing his love of books, we started by presenting him with a copy of a book entitled The Power of the Soft Sign. Vakarchuk was happy to receive...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

What will Kyiv look like?

In these festive days newspaper meets guests with holiday mood and questions about what good and what bad was in the past and what is ahead? Oleksandr Popov, head of Kyiv City State...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

About propaganda in Belarus

A recent unauthorized demonstrations by the FEMEN activists near the KGB building in Belarus was a cause of appearance of publications that claimed some sort of negative attitude towards Ukraine is...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Knowing how to be rich

The conversation about material wealth with His Beatitude Liubomyr (HUZAR), former head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church clearly suggested itself. Archbishop Emeritus [one already retired....
29.12.2011 - 00:00

On the Lithuanian experience

The 20th century was the period of change for the countries of the socialist camp. 15 countries went through the large social catastrophes over 70 years and their consequences still can be felt....
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Why Putin failed and the Russian democrats may too: The Sources and Risks of Russia’s White Revolution

It is yet unclear what the exact outcome of the current upheaval in Moscow will eventually be. Yet, it seems already obvious that Russian politics will change substantially, in 2012. To be sure,...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Letters to Ukraine – 11

Who am I? Why am I here? These are questions so old, so rehearsed by individuals, by entire cultures, that they’ve drifted off into the foggy realms of cliche and comedy. But they’ve...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

“History cannot be changed. We must change ourselves”

The award has, in fact, been given to only two people so far. Apart from Professor Kotsan, the other recipient is Bishop Markian Trofymiak of the Lutsk diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. The...
29.12.2011 - 00:00


Over the past few years Tanok na Maidani Kongo has been ranking among Ukraine’s top ten rock bands. The team works a lot and does some experimenting. After all, Fahot and Fozzey (Oleh...
29.12.2011 - 00:00

Corruption hits under the belt

His diploma reads that he is a trained electronics engineer. His CV reads that he worked for Siemens in that capacity before starting his own business that would embrace electronics, energetics,...


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