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Henry M. Robert

Creative message to readers

An unusual bookshelf at Framinghan Public Library, US
12 February, 2018 - 16:34
Photo from the website LOLSNAPS.COM

The shelf has a sign reading “I don’t remember the title, but the cover was red.” Librarian Bart Leib tweeted a photo, which started a discussion of library problems. In 805 comments, Twitter users shared their childhood impressions of librarians as magicians, wrote about their dreams of gaining this profession, and some even about their professional achievements. In particular, Anna James wrote: “My proudest moment was working in an episcopal library of 200,000 books, someone asked for ‘that book about bishops with a yellow cover’ and I got it straight away, even though it was purple.” Within three days after the publication, the post gathered more than 41,000 retweets and about 113,000 likes. The Framingham library has thus managed not only to send a creative message to readers, but also to draw attention to book specialists in general. No wonder, a tweeter wrote: “I will take it as a sign that I chose the right profession.”