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Lviv National Museum’s new exhibit

Exposition made up of works by Mykhailo Sydorenko, Natalia Kruchkevych, and Roman Yatsiv
5 November, 2014 - 17:45

LVIV – According to the organizing committee, these three artists’ joint display is a case study in creative collaboration. Mykhailo Sydorenko and Natalia Kruchkevych are bound by family tradition that explains their motivation and the choice of themes. Roman Yatsiv specializes in landscapes, seeking adequate artistic means reflecting his vision of Mother Nature. Each of the artists is a product of the art school of Lviv. Each remembers his/her professor, while following a separate creative path. Proof of this is their individual creative approaches and techniques. The committee’s spokesperson said: “This exhibit reflects the artists’ distinct views on the morphology of contemporary art; each artist has the final say in creating his/her own picturesque morphology of space.” The exhibit will open at 16:00 Kyiv Time, at 20 Prospect Svobody Ave.

Mykhailo Sydorenko specializes in easel painting and graphic arts. The man has an enviable record of one-man shows and joint exhibits in Lviv, Kyiv, Paris, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. His works are kept at museums and in private collections in Ukraine, France, and the United States.

“I watch, trying to have an insight into what I’m seeing, and then I find myself dissolving in what I’m seeing… I’m fond of watching things, trying to see what they’re all about, then asking myself how, why, what sense all this makes,” says Sydorenko in an attempt to explain his creative technique.

Natalia Kruchkevych is inspired by what she describes as bundles of color-associated impressions that somehow turn into complete artistic compositions, boiling down to her thesis that “a picture reflects the harmony of the whole.”

Roman Yatsiv is an art critic with lots of academic kudos, including the title “Merited Worker of Art [of Ukraine],” the post of deputy rector (in charge of research) at the Lviv National Academy of Art. He is a member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine, chairman of the Taras Shevchenko Society’s pictorial and applied art commission, winner of the Sviatoslav Hordynsky Lviv Regional Award (2008) for outstanding merits in the cultural domain, museum studies, and art criticism. Den’s regular readers know him as the author of numerous articles dealing with the history of Ukrainian art. Critics point out that Yatsiv, as an artist, is especially good in building compositions, in both canvases and prints, adding that there is a special graphically expressive touch to both his pictures and prints.

By Tetiana KOZYRIEVA, The Day